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Just for me: Fuck You "Past"!!...Your were only holding me back anyway...ijs

"Resentment: This "Feeling" has no real benefit to me; the concept itself is of complete irrelevance. Taking up valuable real-estate in my thought process and balance. Potential/inevitable unacceptable behavior is my responsibility and the only thing I have power of. Expectation of others is the main ingredient in the resentment recipe. "They coulda, wooda, shoulda" Resentment is counter productive to my productive and progressive lifestyle. Just for me... I replace resentment with forgiveness or IDGAF...real talk." ~Me

"Don’t fall back into your old patterns of living just because they're more comfortable and easier to address. Remember, you left certain habits and situations behind for a reason; to improve your life. And right now, you can’t move forward if you keep going back." ~SMART

This Website is always a work-in-progress. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the contact form below or follow me on Facebook. I hope you enjoy.

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Enjoying Life

My Family

I'm So Blessed

Carlos & Latasha
Me and My Daughter Latasha

AT Bay Path Father & Daughter Dance Several Years Ago. Now she holds a Masters Degree

Latasha & Ladina
My Daughters Latasha & Ladina

AT Ladinas' Baby Shower

Justin & Tony
My Sons Justin & Tony AKA "Bones"

When they were much younger

My Daughter Ladina

My baby girl

My Kids
My Daughter Latasha Holding my Grandson Keenan, Sons Justin & Tony

I love my family

Carlos and Shayla
Carlos Jr. & Grandaughter Shayla

Shayla is now age 12

My Son Brandon

Now he is 18 This kid is like my twin

My Son Brandon

Age 18

My Son Anthony

Age 15...He's my baby..I call him Bones

My Grandson Carlos

Look out ladies another Carlos is in town!

My Grandson Keenan

This is the day he was born

My Son Justin

Age 18 The Musician of The Family and at 6’5” The Tallest Family Member

My Sister Nurjahn

Age Unverified Also Known as Ninja

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Working On It

Much More Coming Soon, So Stay Tuned


Proud to Be From "The Heartbeat" The Capitol of Connecticut

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Riddles in Colors

What's Your Favorite?

Carlos Roche Riddle

The man is my son

Carlos Roche Riddle

A coffin.

Carlos Roche Riddle

The code is "different."

The clerk told him this.

Carlos Roche Riddle

He paid cash.

Carlos Roche Riddle


Carlos Roche Riddle

His Horse was called sunday!


Carlos Roche Riddle


Carlos Roche Riddle

A tongue.

Carlos Roche Riddle

An ear of corn

Carlos Roche Riddle


Carlos Roche Riddle

It was day time.

Carlos Roche Riddle


but since he’s dead it would be kind of difficult.

My Likes

You Already Know

Thanksgiving 2016 Mannequin Challenge

Me, My Son's Anthony (on wall) & Justin, baby momma Maldine, daughter Latasha filmed it, her fiance sitting at the table. We nailed it first take Lmao

Carlos Got Talent


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I Love My Dark-Skinned Women

Here is one of my favorite pics

Carlos Loves Dark Skinned Women